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2015 Tournament Information

  We host a number of different tournaments year-round for adults, seniors, families, and youth bowlers.  Tournaments available for all ages and skill levels. We also have a newly renovated tournament information board located between the front desk and snack bar.  This tournament area includes information, entry forms and results on in-house, local and regional tournaments.


For information on the following tournaments or to pre-register, contact Tammy, Monday thru Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm at (503) 642-2161 ext. 203

Adult/Junior Christmas No-Tap Tournament

Squad Times:

Saturday, December 12 at 1:00pm

Sunday, December 13 at 1:00pm


Three Divisions:

Division 1: Ages 13 and up

Division 2: Ages 12 and under

Division 3: Bumpers


Tournament Details

Cost: $16 per person ($32.00 per team)

Teams will consist of one adult and one youth


     1) Use highest 2014-15 book average.  Note: if your current average as of December 1, 2015 is 10 pins or more higher than 2014-15 book average, the current average must be used.

      2) If none use your highest current aveages as of December 1, 2015 (minimum 12 games).

      3) If none use highest 2015 summer average.

      4) In none of the above, men use 180 average / women use 160 average / youth use 140 average.

     5) If using a current average, a standing sheet as of December 1 must accompany all entries.


Tournament Rules

  • Handicap : Youth divisions 1 and 2 and all adults use 90% of 230 - Bumper division use 90% of 150.
  • Division 1 and 2 will bowl three games.  9 pins on the first ball counts as a strike.
  • Bumper division will bowl 2 games.  8 pins on the first ball counts as a strike.
  • Trophies will be awarded to youth on a ratio of 1 out of every 8 entries.  All bumper kids will receive a trophy.
  • Gift cards will be awarded to adults on a ratio of 1 for every 8 entries.


Holiday 40 & Over No-Tap Tournament

Monday, December 21 at 1:00pm

Two divisions: Men and Women  


Tournament Rules:

  1. Cost will be $12.00 per person
  2. Open to anyone age 40 and over
  3. You will bowl 3 No-Tap games (9 pins down on the first ball counts as a strike).
  4. Averages: 1) Use highest current average as of December 1, 2015 (min. 15 games) 2) If none, use highest 2015 summer average
  5. Handicap will be 90% of 220
  6. Cash prizes will be awarded on a ratio of 1 for approximately every 6 entries.
  7. Tournament director will settle all disputes
  8. Optional high game side pots for $1.00 per game (individual game with handicap).
  9. Optional blind doubles $2.00 per person (doubles with handicap).
  10. Comeback Drawing: All bowlers who participate in last month's tournament will be entered into a come back drawing.  If your name is drawn and you bowl a strike, you will win the come back jackpot, if not it will carry over until next month's tournament.


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